shanghai To qingdao Trains (上海-青岛)(4Search result)

  • G222

    13:24 Qingdao North
    • 2nd Cls. USD 78 Book
    • 1st Cls. USD 130 Book
    • Business Cls. USD 243 Book
  • G230

    08:52Shanghai Hongqiao
    16:02 Qingdao
    • 2nd Cls. USD 77 Book
    • 1st Cls. USD 129 Book
    • Business Cls. USD 241 Book
  • G226

    14:20Shanghai Hongqiao
    21:25 Qingdao
    • 2nd Cls. USD 77 Book
    • 1st Cls. USD 129 Book
    • Business Cls. USD 241 Book
  • G234

    16:32Shanghai Hongqiao
    23:03 Qingdao
    • 2nd Cls. USD 85 Book
    • 1st Cls. USD 140 Book
    • Business Cls. USD 262 Book


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