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How to collect train tickets in China

After you booking China train tickets with on-line agencies, foreign travellers have to pick up tickets to board trains, you should only pick up tickets at the ticket counter tops of railway stations or certified train ticket agency. Your tickets booking  passport is necessary for the collection.

What you should Collect Tickets

To collect your tickets you need the right passport  and collection number. You can’t use your booking information to board a train. Boarding China trains needs tickets,there’s no e-ticketing or on-train ticketing.

1. Train ticket’s Collection Number

After you book train tickets from an internet booking agency like PandaTrips, you’ll be given with collection numbers and information regarding your train number, departure/arrival time and station, and seat class. Backup the collection numbers on a  paper or screenshot them with your phone, and ensure they’re readable.

A collection number is composed of the letter “E” and 9 numbers, for example, E123456789.

2. Booking Passports

Make sure that you have the passport of booking your tickets, when you collect them.

When You Should Collect Tickets

You are also recommended to leave the hotel early on when remaining in big towns like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.
China’s railway channels are often extremely busy and full of travellers. There are always extended lines in train channels. Sometimes, in the event that there are simply no trains planned, a train station might be closed past due at night. There might be heavy visitors jams along the way during maximum times, including 7: 30am to being unfaithful: 30am and 5pm to six: 30pm.
You might send somebody you reliability to collect all of the tickets to your group (with all the passengers’ passports), so you don’t need to delay the stop on the day of departure. In case you wait until before your starting time, you run the risk of missing your train. If it is your very first time collecting teach tickets, or perhaps your routine is small on your day time of flying, and if easy, China Shows suggests you collect the tickets in the beginning. When You Ought to Collect Seat tickets

You need to fall into line to collect seat tickets.
Generally a railway rail station operates day-to-day, but it depends upon what train activities on a particular day.
two hours Early In the event that on the Day of Departure
If you need to collect the ticket(s) when needed of passing away, we recommend you get to the railway section 2 hours prior to departure, because there may be very long queues presently there for collecting tickets, protection checks, and check-in methods.

In Peak Seasons — as Early as Possible
In peak seasons, such as the Spring Festival (usually in January or February), summer holidays (July to August), National Day holiday, and weekends, there will be more people in the station and long queues for ticket collection. It’s best to collect your ticket as early as possible during peak seasons.

China’s new sleeper EMU operation: double vertical arrangemen

Some days ago, microblogging friends @Pandy8808 sun out a group of pictures. From the picture, D311 high speed train lying on the station has been quietly enabled a new model, the car layout more larger.

According to the user’s wording, and the past sleeper train horizontal sleeper seats are different, the car all vertical sleeper, each seat is like a small “box”, sleeper with a charging socket and reading lights.

However, in the first day of the experience, some passengers also reflect the new car is not suited, such as the abolition of the luggage rack, the upper berth passengers can only stand below and so can not avoid the problem.

Of course, the biggest advantage of the installation of double-decked cars or capacity doubled, so that the number of sleeper over once 700, the peak time so that more passengers have the opportunity to buy tickets.

12306 query to the information display, D311 train for the Beijing South Railway Station to the Shanghai moving train, full 11 hours and 52 minutes. 21 stations from the Beijing South Railway Station starting at 9:08 the next day arrived in Shanghai.
Up to 11 hours of travel,travelers can lie down obviously more comfortable than sitting.











Spectacular sea of clouds at Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain is a mountain range in Anhui province. The area is well known for its scenery, sunsets, peculiarly-shaped granite peaks, Huangshan pine trees, hot springs, winter snow, and views of the clouds from above.

Huangshan is a frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature, as well as modern photography.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of China’s major tourist destinations.

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China railway map

China railway map

The railway in China is reaching out all directions for you to travel to most cites of China, whether you want to get toward the north most of Heilongjiang province, the south side of Hainan province, or the west of Urumqi of Xinjiang, etc. The China railway map below will give you a panorama view of China railway system.

china railway map

Click to see full size China railway  map

China High Speed Railway Map

China High speed railway,covering more and more directions, is the best choice to travel between cities by its fast and comfortable high speed train services,such as Beijing-Xian; Beijing-Shanghai; Shanghai-Hangzhou;Shanghai-Suzhou; Chengdu-Chongqing. Check the high speed train network map below to discover more popular high speed train routes:

china high speed railway map

PandaTrips Terms and Conditions for Train Ticket Booking


Please read and accept the following PandaTrips terms and conditions for train ticket booking:
PandaTrips is a train ticket purchasing agent. At present, we offer ticket pickup booking service

Ticket pickup: 

You can book China train tickets on PandaTrips website or app.

After you have successfully purchased tickets, go to any railway station or authorized ticket office within mainland China with a valid ID (this should be the same as the one used for your booking) and your ticket pickup number, which is the letter E followed by a series of numbers.


Total payment due for train tickets (for pickup) booked through PandaTrips = (displayed ticket price + booking fee + money exchange fee) .

Note: According to railway authority ticket regulations, the railway authority will charge an extra CNY 5 per ticket if you pick them up at a ticket office not at the railway station or at a railway station outside of your departure city.
To ensure the best chance of availability, tickets are limited to a maximum of five per booking (must be for the same date, same train number and same seat type). A separate booking should be made for any additional tickets or tickets for different dates, train numbers or seat types. Tickets are charged and delivered on a per-booking basis.


Ticket Refund Requests:

1) If ordered tickets are no longer available, PandaTrips will refund the full price paid (subject to confirmation).
2) Refunds will be made according to the initial method of payment. Refund payment date is subject to Paypal or bank provider.

3) Ticket refund hours: 06:00–22:55 and at least 35 minutes prior to departure.

4) If you need to refund your tickets between 22:55 and 06:00 or your tickets have already been picked up, please go to the railway station’s refund window with a valid ID.

Ticket cancellation and modification

1) You can apply online to cancel unissued pickup tickets up to two hours before departure. PandaTrips cannot cancel tickets after issue or within two hours of departure. If your ticket(s) have been issued but you would like to cancel them, please go to the refund window at a railway station with your ticket(s) and valid ID (this should be the same as the one used for your booking). According to railway authority ticket refund regulations, a 5% handling fee will be charged per ticket for any cancellation made at least 49 hours before departure, a 10% handling fee will be charged per ticket for any cancellation made 25-49 hours before departure and a 20% handling fee will be charged per ticket for cancellation made within 25 hours of departure. The actual handling fees will be subject to the railway authority.

2) To change unissued tickets after successfully booking them, please go to the change window at any railway station within Mainland China with valid ID (the same one used for your booking) before the train departs.

3) Ticket offices not at the railway station cannot cancel or change tickets. To change tickets, please go to the ticket modification window at any railway station within Mainland China with a valid ID (this should be the same as the one used for your booking) and ticket pickup number (which is the letter E plus a series of numbers).

4) Tickets can be changed once only. Changed tickets can be canceled before the new train departs.

5) Cancel tickets through PandaTrips or railway station’s ticket modification window,refunds will be made according to the initial method of payment.


1) Information provided is for reference only. Please refer to data issued by the local railway authority for most up-to-date information.
2) PandaTrips will not refund tickets due to incorrect information provided by the customer, including but not limited to: date, train number, seat type, identity document details and passenger information.
3) Refunds will be made according to the initial method of payment. Refund payment date is subject to Paypal or bank provider.


In the case of any dispute relating to train ticket reservations, the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China will apply as administered by the Hangzhou Binjiang District People’s Court.


If you have any questions,please contract us with emails: service@pandatrips.com

How to buy China train tickets

Trains in China can take you to many popular destinations, and it would be an incredible experience to take a high speed train during your China travel time. However, it could be a problem for you to buy a ticket in China.

There are four methods to book China ticket

  1. online booking
  2. telephone booking
  3. booking at train stations
  4. authorized train ticket outlets

A valid ID certificate is required when buying a ticket and taking a train.

Foreign passengers: passport

Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers:China Mainland Travel Permit

Book Tickets up to 30 Days Before the Departure Day

Since January 1st, 2017, most of train tickets can be purchased up to 30 days before the departure day when booked online or by phone, and 28 days ahead of departure day when purchased at ticket windows in train stations or at local train ticket offices.

1.  Online booking

  • Booking on PandaTrips:  booking service coming soon!

    No more waiting at railway station,search train schedules and buy train tickets for all rail routes in China.Only 3 steps,easy for foreigners with cheapest booking fee.

  • Booking on 12306.cn:  the China Railway Official website.

①Only in Chinese language.

②A China phone number for registering account.

③No booking fee, and a free or 5% to 20% cancellation fee

④Hard to fill in identification codes

⑤Online payment must be done within 30 minutes,only accepts UnionPay,so you need a Chinese bank account.

⑥You can only pick up online booking tickets at railway stations; ticket outlets cannot print online booking tickets.

2. 95105105 telephone booking: official reservation hotline with 30 days ahead of departure time.

①Telephone booking only Chinese service.

②Hard to see if any tickets are available

③Write down the booking number after successfully booking and keep it safe for collection.

④Pick up the ticket within 24 hours at a railway station or ticket outlets; otherwise the booking will be cancelled.

⑤You need to enter your passport/Mainland Travel Permit number when booking.

⑥Telephone booking is available from 7am to 11pm.

3. Booking at train stations.

train-tickets-for-sale-3-days-earlier (1).jpg

Every station has one or more ticket offices where you can queue up and buy a ticket. It can be expected to have a security checkpoint to scan your baggage on entry to the ticket offices in the largest of stations.

They can be very crowded, with long lines and little signage in English. However large electronic signs, over the ticket windows, will show the following trains scheduled at that station, as well the still available seats in each class for the next few days.

The officer will just want to know your destination and provide you with the next trains and the class of seat available. At the big cities’ stations, a dedicated ticket window for foreigners may be provided. Special lines can be dedicated for ticket refunds, exchanges or just for elderly citizens with little English information to explain which line is which. It can be possible to join the wrong queue and have the staff refuse to serve your needs, due to their strict following of their guidelines.

Railway station ticket offices can now sell tickets departing from other stations all across China and operating in other railway bureau areas but this can attract an extra fee of ¥5 per ticket.

Normally cash is paid for tickets, although a few counters accept UnionPay cards. Foreign credit cards are only useful in major stations in the large cities. So, it is probably worth carrying the right amount of cash.

You may see some Automated Ticket Machines at train stations in major train stations, but it is only able to sell tickets Chinese identity card holders.

4. Authorized train ticket agency

46K8aGZ42WC6 (1).jpg

Major Chinese Cities and towns will have a several separate train ticket offices or authorized train ticket outlets. They can be like a shop, typical in many travel agencies or large hotels, but can more often be a simple hole-in-the-wall arrangement.You don’t need to go to a train station,commonly less crowded than a train station,sometimes no lines at all, and more conveniently located than many railway stations.

Finding an office can be difficult, because of their often small size and only Chinese signage, look out for a CRH or China Railways logo or simply for list of train numbers by the window. They operate in the same manner as a railway station ticket office but will charge an extra ¥5 per ticket as a service fee.

Usually work from 8 am to 5 pm,some open later and close earlier.

Don’t expect the staff at train ticket agencies to speak English. You’d better write a note in Chinese with the train number, travel date, and seat class.